How to play Keno online?

We decided to go back in time a bit to show you the origins of Keno, this online casino game that is a little less known than all other 996mmc games. The history of Keno might surprise you since it appeared in very specific conditions,

Let’s find out together.

The origins of Keno

Keno seems to have originated in ancient China between 205 and 187 BC. Chinese immigrants exported the game to the United States in the 19th century. So it’s a very old game

Why play Keno online?

What appeals to online Keno players is the ease of access to the game. Before, you had to get out of your house in cold weather when it is winter or miss your chance at the risk of catching a cold. Today, thanks to the Internet, you can sit comfortably at home and play Keno online.

Also, thanks to responsive technology, you can play it from your smartphones and tablets with friends, or even on public transport.

The games are automated, which means less time to wait to select the corresponding box after a number is drawn.

Finally, what online Keno enthusiasts also particularly love is that it is sometimes possible to practice several variants of their choice.

How to play Keno?

Similar to lotto or bingo, Keno is easy to understand the game and is played in online casinos even if much less than slot machines.

The goal of the game: the player has a grid of 80 numbers (1 to 80) and will have to choose 20 (1 to 20)

The online casino will then randomly draw 20 numbers. Depending on the number of matches, the player will receive a payout.

In fact, the two ends presented below are important for knowing where to place yourself:

  • If you play a lot of numbers, then this increases their chance of coming out.
  • Or the situation may be different if you don’t select a lot of numbers. Maybe they will come out fewer times but give you more winnings.

You now know a little more about Keno, so it’s up to you.

The Different Types Of Roulette Players

Our differences make us each unique because of our ways of thinking and acting. Rest assured, this article is far from being a philosophy course. Here we tell you the different profiles of online roulette players. Those who play every day and whom we notice thanks to their way of playing and thinking.

We show you some profiles of online roulette players.

We have distinguished three (03) profiles of online roulette players:

The big player

This type of player likes roulette because it makes you rich. Their only goal is to play and win; in other words, make a profit. They manage their bankroll fairly strictly and look for the right bonus plans to increase their chances of winning.

The player for fun

He does not play for money. He plays roulette online because it distracts him. Playing it is a hobby, and it is not addictive at all. He knows how to stop when necessary and has total control over his spending. Of course, if winning money is combined with the pleasure of playing, it is completely taker!

The addicted player

Pleasure is an almost non-existent notion for this type of profile. Playing roulette online has become a need. Some psychologists explain this addiction by the fact that it is not the gain that makes the player addicted or addicted. On the contrary, for this type of player, it is the loss that allows him to justify the fact of playing and to seek by all means to recover. In online roulette players who are addicted, this urge has serious consequences if they cannot stop. By dint of wanting to play and replay, a descent into hell is started.

Online roulette players all have different profiles from each other. We noticed three: the fat player, the fun player, and the addicted player. They each have characteristics. You will no doubt find yourself among one of the three profiles. Be especially careful not to fall into the category of addicted players! A word to the wise!